GET Rewarded


Whether it's holding Pixl-Pops or Pixl-Pals, rewards are a solid way to add value for both you and the collection.


Rewards are doled out throughout the year and consist of both exclusive NFTs, tokens, backed NFTs, and very soon, real-life items like posters, postcards, stickers, and more.

If you want to get the details, keep on scrolling.

How it


Rewards are usually airdropped into holders' accounts or created as free drops that are claimable by a specified date. To qualify for rewards you must hold the requirements in your collection. For example, if you were holding 8 or more Season 1 Pixl-Pops you received a Fearless NFT collectible backed with 5 WAX

Quarterly REWARDS

Most rewards are quarterly and starting May 25th, 2022 are to be delivered on January 15, April 15, June 15, and September 15 for the life of the project.


Backed NFT rewards are delivered every quarter for completing sets and to collectors holding a Fellowship or Pixl-Pal in their collection.

Backed NFTs are unique art or collectibles that can be burned to claim their WAX value and are distributed every quarter and after qualifying drops.

Why backed rewards? It's my personal belief that in order to maintain value in an NFT eco-system scarcity is essential. There is no limit to the amount of NFTs that can be minted by anyone project therefore it is inevitable that value, user interest, and the overall economy can suffer. In real-life, collectibles degrade, get lost, and are limited resources. That's not the case with NFTs. They last forever, thus limiting mint numbers and rewarding collectors with a token they can burn can increase the value of the collection overall.

And if you don't believe the value of WAX, and its collectibles will continue to increase, well... you might be on the wrong blockchain.

Golden Pixl-CUbe

Delivered every quarter for completing specific sets or meeting a required amount of NFTs in the collection. These will be tradeable for exclusive NFTs and real-life items. There will only ever be 10K of these minted in the life of the project. This will decrease as they are burned or blended to gain NFTs or Items.

Pixl-Pal + Fellowship

Additional Perks

If you're holding Fellowship (see below) or Pixl-Pals you'll be included in additional rewards programs including:

  • *WAX Backed Rewards (A backed NFT can be burned for WAX cryptocurrency!) The amount will be based on a percent of the quarterly sales volume of all Pixl-Pops collectibles. These backed rewards will go out quarterly. Get the details HERE
  • Automatically Whitelisted for all future Monster Cadet/Pixl-Pop Drops, blends, etc. All existing and future projects are included.
  • Token rewards redeemable for real-life items and NFTS
  • Access to a private Discord channel and Discord exclusive giveaways.
  • Private Drops & Blends
  • Exclusive Pal-Pets + Pal-Gear NFT rewards
  • Exclusive Real Life + NFT Giveaways, and More!

The Fellowship


A handful of Fellowship cards were granted to early adopters of the project who gave their support, camaraderie, and advice. Additional Fellowship cards were then added via a one-time sale. There are only and will only ever be 25 of these cards.

Fellowship cards grant their owners VIP and exclusive perks, like early drop access, free NFTS, guaranteed lower mints, a private Discord channel, voting rights, increased backed NFT values, and more.