Minting 5.25.22


Making friends one pixel at a time

The initial release of Pixl-Pals features 50 pixelated portraits of sci-fi classic characters with a 4-color Game Boy® style palette. They're all unique with attributes ranging from common to unique. Future generations will be released in the coming weeks and months until the complete set of 500 is minted.


Holding Pixl-Pals grants you exclusive rewards including private drops, NFT rewards, and more. You can read more about that in the section below.

If you want to get into the weeds, GEN-A Pixl-Pal's attribute rarities are available HERE.

You'll need an incubator to mint your pal and that drop's available below and goes live May 23rd at 5:30 PM UTC HERE


5.23.22 DROP: GEN-A Incubator

Gestate. Incubate. Mint a friend with benefits.

50 pre-minted incubators drop on May 23rd at 5:30 PM UTC. Whatever mint number you pull determines what Pixl-Pal you can mint on May 25th. For example, if you pull mint 32, you can mint Pixl-Pal A032 via Nefty's proof of ownership drop.

Please Note: You must have the incubator in your collection to mint your Pixl-Pal. It is used for proof of ownership, allows you access to the drop, and is only valid for its corresponding pal. Read on to see how your Pals pay off.




Only 500 Pixl-Pals will ever exist. This is to keep the project and its rewards manageable. Throughout 2022 there will be several Pixl-Pal drops of 50-100 Pals at a time until the 500th is minted. Each drop will feature new characters, new gear, and fresh takes on older characters.


Every Pixl-Pal is created in batches. They're hand-drawn with my favorite pixel art software Aseprite. All color palettes are inspired by the 4-color limit of Game Boy® consoles. A look I'm fond of to this day. Attributes such as character, accessories, etc. are pre-determined and then selected by a random number either rolled or input into a random number generator after which they are placed, colored, and drawn on the character. It's a painstaking process that takes a bit of time, thus the small release numbers.

Pals Have your BACK!

While holding a Pixl-Pal in your collection, you're automatically eligible for a variety of perks and rewards including but not limited to:

  • WAX Backed NFT Rewards (A backed NFT is burnable for WAX cryptocurrency!) 3% percent of the total of each quarterly sales volume, divided by the number of holders, goes back to owners of a Pals as a backed NFT for the life of the project! These backed rewards will go out either quarterly or bi-annually. Get complete details HERE
  • Automatically whitelisted for all future Monster Cadet/Pixl-Pop Drops, blends, etc., for Both existing and future projects
  • Token rewards redeemable for NFTS and RL Items (Coming Soon)
  • Early VIP drop access for qualified drops
  • Access to a private Discord channel and Discord exclusive giveaways


Here's a look at the GEN-A Roster. A mashup of 80's and 90's characters that defined a childhood and Science Fiction films to come.