Nostalgia Pixelated

PIXL-POPS are fun, hand-generated NFT pixel characters inspired by classic and modern films, television series, comic books, and literature. Each set contains a set mint number with several characters that can be owned on the WAX blockchain.

Currently approaching its fourth generation, and with a new PIXL-PAL lineup ready to launching May 24th, the collection continues to gain traction and notoriety with each release.

Owning specific Pixl-Pops or completing sets grant you a variety of rewards including exclusive backed NFTs, drops, and occasionally real-life items. See the latest and get your collection started by mashing the button below.




New reward!
THE WAx-Backed Rejuvenation FlASKs

The Pixl-Verse likes to reward its avid collectors, and what better way than with these WAX-backed Rejuvenation Flasks rewarded for meeting collection goals like completing sets, holding specific tokens or NFTs, and more. These are airdropped to accounts that qualify throughout the year.

Every set of tokens is backed with different amounts, and the Potions can be burned by their owner to release their WAX value. Collect and earn! Stay in the loop for the next reward cycle by joining the Monster Cadet Discord Server.

Friends with benefits


Buddy Up!

The newest addition to the Pixl-Pop NFT collection. Pixl-Pals are inspired by the SCI-FI heroes and villains we all love. Only 500 of This NFT lineup will exist. Released in small batches, they'll feature a unique mashup of hand-created characters, not generated by a SkyNet AI. That means every character is a unique NFT with a unique set of attributes. No two are alike. Each character is crafted with a limited 4 color palette hearkening back to the original Game Boy® days that warms me inside just thinking about it. Not only are these Pals profile friendly, but owning one grants you exclusive perks and rewards, like WAX Backed* NFTs, and more!


Get to the choppa!

fRiends with Benefits

Owning a Pixl-Pal NFT comes with a set of perks and rewards including:

  • *WAX Backed Rewards (A backed NFT can be burned for WAX cryptocurrency!)
  • Automatically Whitelisted for all future Monster Cadet/Pixl-Pop Drops, blends, etc.
  • Token rewards redeemable for real-life items and NFTS
  • Private Discord Channel with exclusive events
  • Private Drops & Blends
  • Exclusive Real Life + NFT Giveaways, and MORE!
What's a Pixl-Pal?

Pixl-Pals are 40x40 pixel art portraits mashups of classic pop culture characters. Generation-A (50 Pals) includes the Conners, T2s, T800s, Neo, Trinity, and more. Every Pixl-Pal has a unique set of attributes (some rarer than others), that make it a one-of-kind collectible. you can see Gen-A's attributes HERE. There will only ever be 500 Pixl-Pals total. Sets will be released in quantities of 50-100 at a time. throughout 2022. New characters inspired by various pop culture icons will be introduced with each set.



PERFECT Organism #2

850 WAX ($109.82)

Original Price: 30 WAX


640 WAX ($199.36)

Original Price: 100 WAX

Fellowship #3

628 WAX ($195.85)

Original Price: FREE

FEllowship #21

500 WAX ($145.35)

Original Price: 100 WAX



Collector Perks

One of the big pushes for 2022 is rewarding the community of Pixl-Poppers who are actively collecting, trading, holding, buying, etc. Currently, the reward program includes the items listed below, but as the collection continues to evolve so will your rewards.

Backed NFTS & MORE

Every quarter rewards are doled out to active collectors who are buying, holding or completing sets. These rewards range from tokens that can be redeemed for real-life items, exclusive NFTS, and even WAX backed NFTS that can be burned for WAX tokens.

These Backed rewards help increase both the value of the project and your collections, and are a way to thank those in the commmunity who are active memebers of the project.

This Alliance Card backed with 25 WAX is an example of one of many rewards that go out to the community.


Another reward that makes its rounds each series is the Golden Pixl-Cube. These cubes are air dropped to collectors who completed sets or hold a rank in the leaderboards. They can be traded in for both real-life items (coming soon), or more exclusive NFTS. This is only one of many rewards that are delivered to the community.

How to get PIxl-Pops

First you'll have to get a WAX wallet. You can get started on WAX Cloud Wallet

If you don't want to brave it alone, there's a great tutorial by Cryptostache on how to mint NFTs that walks you through the entire process. The first part of the video covers how to setup a WAX wallet. You can watch that HERE.

After you've loaded your wallet, you're set to go. Visit Neftyblocks or Atomichub.io to get started!